Take the Stress Out of Dentistry with Sedation Dental Care

Are you among the millions of patients who feel anxious or fearful before and during dental procedures? We welcome you to Dental Associates of Hoboken for sedation dentistry. We understand that all patients aren’t the same. If you have dental fears, we can help you enjoy dentistry again. Drs. Bari Posner, Anum Ali and Giancarlo Brezillion offer anxiety-free dentistry in Hoboken, New Jersey, to help overcome dental anxiety for a positive dental experience.

Why do I have dental fear?

For many patients, going to the dentist is an unpleasant yet manageable experience. However, for others, just the thought of a dentist causes anxiety, often leading to putting off dental appointments. Unfortunately, dental avoidance can lead to a vicious cycle of oral pain, worse anxiety, and costly dental appointments.

No one was born with dental fear. Many people have picked up dental anxiety over time, and the following are common causes of dental fear.

  • Previous traumatic experiences
  • Negative dental stories from media, relatives, or friends
  • Fear of needles
  • Low tolerance to pain
  • A strong gag tolerance
  • Fear of loss of control
  • Embarrassment by the state of your oral health

Despite the source of your dental anxiety, this condition is nothing to be ashamed of. About 36% of the population is affected, so you shouldn’t feel like you are alone. Feel free to talk to us about your fears, and we’ll devise a solution to help you enjoy your treatments.

How does laughing gas combat dental fear?

There are several ways your dentist can help you overcome dental anxiety. One common method is sedation dentistry, which replaces your fears with a calm, relaxed feeling. Our office uses nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as an excellent alternative.

Nitrous oxide is administered through a comfortable mask placed over your nose. The effects kick in immediately after inhaling the gas, creating a relaxed feeling when undergoing treatment.

Being the mildest form of sedation, laughing gas neither puts you to sleep nor causes memory loss like other sedation types. Additionally, the sedation effects dissipate immediately after the mask is removed. What does this mean for you? You don’t need anyone to accompany you to and from the office. You can also resume your everyday activities after leaving our office.

Do I still need anesthesia?

While sedation dentistry makes things more comfortable, it’s not a substitute for anesthesia. Sedation dentistry is not a painkiller and doesn’t completely numb the area being treated. For this reason, local anesthesia is still necessary to block pain signals from reaching the brain and ensure the patient remains comfortable throughout the procedure.

By combining sedation dentistry with local anesthesia, Drs. Posner, Ali and Brezillion ensure you experience a comfortable and stress-free dental experience while ensuring you remain pain-free during the procedure.

Are you ready for sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective method to ensure dental-phobic patients enjoy dentistry once more. To take advantage of sedation dentistry in Hoboken, NJ, call (201) 795-2111 to schedule an appointment with Dental Associates of Hoboken.