Maintain Clean and Healthy Teeth and Gums with Proper Cleaning and Prevention

Preventive dentistry is the cornerstone of a healthy, beautiful smile. One of the critical components of preventive dental care is dental cleanings offered at Dental Associates of Hoboken. While at-home oral hygiene can help control most plaque build-up, a few spots can remain and quickly calcify into tartar. Professional cleanings by our hygiene team remove unwanted dental deposits to prevent decay, gum disease, bad breath, and other issues.

What can I expect during a dental cleaning?

A typical dental cleaning takes about 30-45 minutes, but it may take longer if you have a large amount of plaque and tartar. Whatever the case, expect a pain-free and comfortable experience. Dental cleanings are largely painless, but if you are anxious about the procedure, talk to us about sedation dentistry.

During a dental cleaning appointment, technically called oral prophylaxis (or simply a “prophy”), the dentist inspects your teeth and gums for signs of infection, decay, oral cancer, etc. Many dental issues are progressive, so the sooner we detect them, the easier it is to treat them.

After a dental exam, it’s time for our dentist or dental hygienist to give your pearl whites a thorough clean. We use professional instruments to reach every surface of your teeth, including the so-called hard-to-reach areas. We’ll gently scrape away any deposits before using gritty toothpaste to buff away surface stains for a glossy finish.

How often should I adhere to preventive cleanings?

We recommend professional cleanings at least two times annually. However, if you are at risk of gum disease and cavities, we advise you to see us 3-4 times annually. Dental cleanings remove built-in plaque and dental calculus. When left unaddressed, dental calculus can cause devastating consequences in your mouth, including advanced gum disease and tooth loss as well as in your body. 

What are the benefits of routine dental cleanings?

No matter how you brush and floss your teeth, at-home dental tools can’t remove tartar (hardened plaque). Professional cleanings use special tools and skills to dislodge dental calculus before it causes irreversible damage. 

Have you been putting off your dental cleanings? You are missing out on loads of benefits. The benefits of preventive dental cleanings include:

  • A more attractive, healthier-looking smile
  • Maintains optimal body well-being
  • Reduces the risk of gum infections and cavities
  • Keeps your breath fresh
  • Early detection of oral health issues
  • They save you money in the long run

Regular dental cleanings form the foundation of preventive dental care. Even with excellent at-home dental hygiene, bi-annual appointments with your dentist are equally crucial. So, don’t think about skipping them.

My dental cleaning appointment is due. What next?

Plaque and tartar are the major threats to your smile, but they are easily manageable through at-home dental care and routine dental cleanings. If your oral wellness visit is due, call (201) 795-2111 to schedule an appointment with Dental Associates of Hoboken.