Elevate Your Smile and Confidence with Solid and Predictable All-on-4 Implants

Have you lost all your teeth in the upper or lower jaw? This can adversely affect your oral function, aesthetics, and confidence. Don’t let tooth loss diminish your quality of life. All-on-4 dental implants in Hoboken, New Jersey, can restore your smile and life.

Replace more teeth with fewer dental implants with the All-on-4 technique at Dental Associates of Hoboken. With as few as four implants, Drs. Bari Posner, Anum Ali and Giancarlo Brezillion can replace an entire arch of teeth!

What are All-on-4 dental implants?

Also known as full-mouth dental implants, the All-on-4 technique is an affordable, graftless solution for widespread tooth loss. This method replaces an entire arch of teeth with as few as four implants per jaw—usually two in the front and two in the posterior region. This innovative design is far more conservative and affordable than having an implant for every tooth lost.

What’s even better is that patients with bone loss can still benefit from All-on-4 implants without the need for grafting. The dentist uses cutting-edge technology to place implants at an angle on the densest areas of the jawbone. Taking advantage of the available bone eliminates the need for expensive and complex procedures like bone grafting.

What’s the procedure for restoring your smile with the All-on-4 technique?

The procedure starts with a consultation with Drs. Posner, Ali and Brezillion. Potential All-on-4 patients should be in good oral and overall health. Once we establish your eligibility for full mouth implants, we’ll surgically place four implants per jaw at precise locations in the jawbone.

Then, on the day of surgery, we’ll place a temporary restoration on your implants to allow you to use your teeth while they heal. Over the next 4-6 months, your implant will biologically fuse with the jawbone to form one solid biological structure.

After healing, you’ll return to our office, where we’ll replace the temporary restoration with a permanent, custom-made denture. Your new teeth have a realistic appearance, blending seamlessly with your natural teeth to ensure a natural-looking smile. Your restoration is also stable and secure, allowing you to eat all your favorite foods.

What are the benefits of All-on-4 dental implants?

The All-on-4 is a permanent and effective way to restore your smile after losing multiple teeth.

With the All-on-4 technique, you can.

  • Restore chewing and speaking ability
  • Enjoy a durable solution
  • Preserve facial structure
  • Prevent jawbone degradation
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Enjoy stability when using teeth
  • Simplify oral care

All-on-4 is an affordable and straightforward way to replace missing teeth. Unlike conventional implants, you can enjoy a complete smile with fewer implants and a less invasive procedure.

Are you ready for full-mouth dental implants?

Take the first step and reclaim your life with solid, stable, and natural-looking All-on-4 implants in Hoboken, NJ. Call (201) 795-2111 to schedule an appointment with Dental Associates of Hoboken today.