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As we embark on a brand-new year, we do our best to try to put our best selves forward. We change our bad habits into good ones and hope for the best. After all, a great year needs a sense of self-confidence that helps the universe see you and send those good tidings. We break out our new threads and get a new haircut – everything needed to start the year off right. But what about your smile? How can you brighten this year with a dingy grin? It’s time for some TLC to our teeth.

Ever wondered why we use toothpaste? Sure, we are all taught that toothpaste helps to clean our teeth of plaque and food debris without damaging our delicate enamel. While some toothpaste can be created with a little water and baking soda, we tend to opt for the over-the-counter options. These toothpastes contain fluoride which helps to protect enamel. If you are looking for additional advantages to your dental hygiene routine, you may choose a specific toothpaste, including those that brighten our teeth, help with sensitivity or reduce plaque. Toothpaste is a huge part of preventive dental care.

Toothpaste is made up of several ingredients that help to clean your teeth, such as:

Abrasives. These help to remove stains and plaque.

Detergents. Detergents are what makes the toothpaste foam once it hits your mouth. It helps to dislodge food debris.

Humectants. Gives the toothpaste texture and moisture.

Thickeners. Helps the toothpaste stay on your brush and squeeze out of the tube that way it does.

Preservatives, flavoring and coloring. These give toothpaste the look and taste it has.

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