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We all know the basics of dental hygiene – we need to do it on a daily basis, we need to do brush for at least two minutes, along with flossing and rinsing with a good anti-bacterial mouthwash to rinse away the cavity-causing bacteria. But what we may not always think about is maintaining the tools you need to keep that smile bright and healthy, namely your toothbrush.

How often should you replace your toothbrush? A question that most individuals fail to answer. To be fair, there isn’t a real specific answer, however the American Dental Association recommends getting a new toothbrush about every three months. A strikingly odd fact about your toothbrush is that it probably is covered with 10 million germs and bacteria. Though this sounds awfully unsettling, have no fear! These bacteria aren’t big enough to threaten your teeth.

There is a proper way to clean and handle your toothbrush right after usage to ensure yourself a greater chance of less bacteria. Make sure to run your toothbrush under tap water and then let it air dry in an upright position, and you should allow sufficient time for your toothbrush to dry before you decide to use it again. When you happen to catch a cold, make sure to replace your toothbrush afterwards to prevent your cold from returning. If you are really worried about bacteria and germs, soak your tooth brush in a mouthwash solution, or use some hydrogen peroxide mixed with water to form your own solution.

Everyone wants a smile to be proud of – make sure you have the proper tools to keep it.

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