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According to the American Dental Association, an individual should be brushing their teeth two times a day for at least two minutes. Are you surprised by this fact? Are you brushing enough? Two minutes is just barely the appropriate amount of time to sufficiently remove dirt from the front and back ends of the teeth. After you have brushed your teeth for at least two minutes, use dental floss to get in between and hard to reach areas. Floss removes any extra food particles left in between teeth. If left untouched, those particles may turn into plaque, resulting in a higher risk for gum disease.

Flossing is merely the act of wrapping a piece of string around your teeth, one by one, in order to remove any bacteria and excess material stuck between each tooth. The process itself is relatively simple. Cut yourself a piece of floss about 18 inches long. Wrap both sides around your fingers until you have a good two inches separating either side. Pull it taut between your thumb and index finger and guide the floss in between each tooth. With a downward zigzag motion, slide the floss around each tooth in a curved motion, reminiscent to a shoe shine fella’s rag. What you’re trying to do is gently scrub down all the space between your teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach.

Finally, rinse your mouth with an ADA-approved mouthwash to seal the cleanliness in and for a trace of fresh breath and there you have it – the ideal dental routine.

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Don’t Let Your Smile Spoil Your Holiday Fun | Hoboken Dentist

Here we are, smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. We have parties and events to attend and lots of fun as the year wraps itself up in a holiday bow. And while this is a fantastic time of year, things can go wrong with our smiles in the end if we aren’t careful. Cakes, pies, cookies, the desserts go on and on. So, rather than end up beginning the year with a toothache, make sure to take these holiday tips with a grain of salt. Enjoy yourself, but make sure you keep your smile in mind as you celebrate with your friends and family:

Brush your teeth. It is important for you to maintain an effective dental hygiene routine as the holidays go on. This means brushing for at least two minutes straight, flossing, using mouthwash, and during this time of year: cleaning your tongue. It will not only keep bacteria out of your mouth but will prevent bad breath as well.

Take it easy on your teeth. Not only is it important to brush on a daily, but proper dental hygiene is important as well. Individuals have the common misconception that the harder you brush, the more effective it’ll be. This is terribly wrong. Brushing too hard can cause damage to your teeth and gums.

Hydrate. Drink a lot of water, especially after you eat. This will help flush out the harmful bacteria that will be lying around in your mouth. This will also keep the digestive system healthy. The more water you drink, the less cavities you will have.

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Take a Deeper Look at Your Little One’s Teeth | Hoboken Dentist

thumb suckingWe want nothing but the best for our children, especially when it comes to their health. And while a fact of life that they will lose those baby teeth, it doesn’t give any reason to neglect their dental health. Dental appointments should start early, so any issues can be caught before they become worsened. X-rays are valuable diagnostic tools dentists may use to help evaluate your child’s teeth and your dentist may suggest getting one done every six months in order to track progress. Here is a quick x-ray rundown:

Bitewing x-rays. These X-rays are used to view the areas between teeth to show where cavities are starting, but only done once the molars make contact. In some children, this doesn’t happen until the first permanent molar has erupted.

Periapical x-rays. Periapical x-rays show the supporting bone structure of the teeth and the permanent teeth growing below the baby teeth and used to look for abscesses and gum disease.

Panoramic x-rays. These x-rays are used to view all of the teeth on one film, especially to show the upper and lower jaws, the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) and the sinuses above the upper teeth. They are often used if a child has hurt his or her face, has orthodontic problems, or is mentally or physically disabled.

Occlusal x-rays. Used to view most of the upper or lower teeth on one film, these are useful when the dentist does not have a panoramic x-ray machine.

Orthodontic x-rays (cephalometric or lateral skull). Used to evaluate growth of the jaws and the relationship of bones in the skull, these help to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Crowns and Bridges, but Not the UK | Hoboken Dentist

Having a nice smile is not only an attractive feature to have, but it can also help to stay healthy. Because our mouths are the first line of defense to our overall health, keeping our dental health is very important. If we have a flaw, whether accidental or due to disease, it is a good idea to have it fixed in order to prevent future dental issues. Many of these issues can be fixed with cosmetic dentistry, like crowns and bridges.

Crowns and bridges are dental prosthetic devices that are cemented onto existing teeth or implants. Unlike dentures, which can be taken out, crowns and bridges can only be removed by a dentist. But what is the difference between the two?

Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are cemented to existing teeth or implants that surround an empty space, serving as anchors for the bridge. Porcelain is the most common material choice because it can be matched to the color of your natural teeth.

A crown covers a damaged tooth in order to strengthen a damaged tooth, improve the tooth’s appearance or shape, and fix alignment issues. Your dental professional may suggest a crown to…

  • Attach a bridge
  • Replace a filling when not enough tooth remains
  • Protect weak teeth
  • Repair fractured teeth
  • Cover a dental implant, discolored tooth or a tooth that has had a root canal

Crowns and bridges are fairly easy to take care of. Your typical practice of good oral hygiene and avoiding hard foods such as ice are just a couple of simple ways to ensure your crowns and bridges last a lifetime.

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Don’t Let Halloween Ruin Your Teeth | Hoboken Dentist

We are on the eve of the sweetest holiday of all. Yes, it’s a dentist’s archenemy – Halloween. If you have a family, you are sure to be carving pumpkins and dressing up in your scariest costumes to venture out into the night in search for candy confections. It is a fun time for the entire family, but it is also very important not to forget about our dental hygiene during these candy-covered events. After feasting on these spooky treats, keep these dental tips in mind:

Babies and children:

  • Clean each new tooth gently with a clean wet washcloth. As your baby grows you can switch to a child’s toothbrush.
  • Do not use toothpaste on a child younger than 2 years old.
  • Do not let your baby fall asleep with a bottle. This leads to what is called “baby bottle tooth decay.”
  • Take your child to the dentist regularly starting at 1 year of age.


  • Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss at least once a day.
  • Don’t smoke or chew tobacco.
  • If your teenager plays sports be sure they wear a protective mouth guard.
  • Make sure they see the dentist for all regular checkups.


  • Brush teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss at least once a day.
  • Don’t smoke or chew tobacco.
  • Check with your doctor to make sure any medications you are taking might damage your teeth.
  • Check your mouth regularly for sores, red swollen gums or anything out of the ordinary.
  • See your dentist every six months for regular checkups and cleanings.

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Why Getting Veneers Is the Ideal Choice | Hoboken Dentist

If there is anything we envy celebrities for is their fantastic Hollywood smiles. Those bright, shiny pearly whites not only look perfect but never seem to stain or have a single flaw. Porcelain laminates, or veneers, offer superior benefits over other cosmetic dental procedures, like dental crowns or braces. These fingernail-thin shells, which are adhered to the front surface of the tooth, solve a myriad of aesthetic problems with just a single treatment. Sound too good to be true? Here are ten reasons why you are going to want veneers:

Natural looking. Porcelain is a translucent material that mimics the look, luster, and feel of enamel.

Achieve that Hollywood smile. When adhered to the front surface of your teeth, veneers you’re your teeth look instantly whiter.

Straighten the crooked. Veneers offer a great alternative for patients with crooked teeth who do not want to endure the process of having their teeth straightened with dental braces.

Fix the damaged. Veneers can fill in and improve the look of teeth that are chipped or broken.

Fill in gaps. Veneers can be customized to repair smiles with unsightly gaps.

Youthful lift. A whiter, brighter, more lustrous smile can immediately you’re your face a more youthful appearance.

Conservative change. Unlike other cosmetic procedures that require removing a large portion of healthy, natural teeth, veneers can be applied with little alteration.

Dental protection. Once applied, the veneers also serve to provide a protective shield to the front surface of teeth.

Stain-resistant. Porcelain is stain resistant, which will make your smile stay brighter and whiter longer.

Gum friendly. Gum tissue is not irritated by porcelain.

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Toothbrush 101: When to Replace | Hoboken Dentist

We all know the basics of dental hygiene – we need to do it on a daily basis, we need to do brush for at least two minutes, along with flossing and rinsing with a good anti-bacterial mouthwash to rinse away the cavity-causing bacteria. But what we may not always think about is maintaining the tools you need to keep that smile bright and healthy, namely your toothbrush.

How often should you replace your toothbrush? A question that most individuals fail to answer. To be fair, there isn’t a real specific answer, however the American Dental Association recommends getting a new toothbrush about every three months. A strikingly odd fact about your toothbrush is that it probably is covered with 10 million germs and bacteria. Though this sounds awfully unsettling, have no fear! These bacteria aren’t big enough to threaten your teeth.

There is a proper way to clean and handle your toothbrush right after usage to ensure yourself a greater chance of less bacteria. Make sure to run your toothbrush under tap water and then let it air dry in an upright position, and you should allow sufficient time for your toothbrush to dry before you decide to use it again. When you happen to catch a cold, make sure to replace your toothbrush afterwards to prevent your cold from returning. If you are really worried about bacteria and germs, soak your tooth brush in a mouthwash solution, or use some hydrogen peroxide mixed with water to form your own solution.

Everyone wants a smile to be proud of – make sure you have the proper tools to keep it.

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There’s Nothing Wrong with Getting a Little Filler | Hoboken Dentist

Did you know that September is National Self Care Awareness Month? It’s true. If there was ever a time you should take a minute to take a personal inventory of what you need to live your healthiest life, now is it. This includes your dental health. After all, the mouth is the first line of defense against most of our overall health issues, so taking care of it is important.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of instances that happen, and regardless of your dental hygiene routines, you’ve ended up developing a cavity. There is no need to panic – you can have it fixed, but it is going to entail a trip to the dentist. You will be presented with dental filling options, but your options are going to vary. Here is a quick rundown of the types of fillings available:

Amalgam. Amalgam fillings are very durable, easy to use, and inexpensive when compared to other materials. They can sustain very heavy chewing loads, so they are usually used to restore molars.

Composite. Composite fillings are made out of a mixture of glass or quartz and resin, producing a tooth-colored filling. They are durable and provide good resistance against fracture where there is moderate chewing pressure. Composite fillings take a bit longer to complete and tend to discolor over time.

Ionomers. Ionomers, on the other hand, are made out of a mixture of acrylic acids and fine glass powders and used in areas that do not require any chewing resistance since they have low protection against fractures.

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Before You Grab that Energy Drink, Read This | Hoboken Dentist

One way we perk ourselves up is with energy drinks. But what you may not be aware of is that energy drinks are causing irreversible damage to their teeth. Energy drink contain high amounts of acid that essentially rest upon our teeth and cause a multitude of irreversible damage.

We all know we shouldn’t drink sugary drinks frequently, but what about the acidity in them? It’s probably not something we think much about, but dentists say it is high time we start, especially when it comes to the river of energy drinks we — and young people in particular — are consuming.

These high acidity levels found in energy drinks erode tooth enamel, the glossy outer layer of teeth. Damage to tooth enamel is irreversible, and without it, teeth become overly sensitive and are more likely to decay and develop cavities. Dentists all around are reaching out to their patients to limit their energy drink consumption, as the results may damage their oral health forever.

After consuming energy drinks, patients should wait about an hour before they brush their teeth. During this time the enamel of your teeth is soft and susceptible to damage. If you do consume an energy drink it’s always a good idea to rinse your mouth with water afterwards while waiting for the opportunity to brush your teeth.

Always be aware that everything you eat or drink either has a positive or negative effect on your oral health. Good dental hygiene can help combat the things you eat and drink that are not good for your teeth and gums. This is includes brushing twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash.

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The Health and Social Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry | Hoboken General Dentist

Smiling young couple in loveCosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that mainly deals with the appearance of teeth. The several procedures involved, which includes but are not limited to, teeth whitening, teeth straightening, veneers, crowns, bleaching and reshaping, are elective and considered “unnecessary” by many. The fact that most dental insurance companies do not cover the total costs of many cosmetic dentistry procedures seem to promote the notion that they are not really necessary.

While it is true that cosmetic dentistry is “elective” in more ways than one, in just as many ways, cosmetic dentistry also offers plenty of benefits, all stemming from a much improved smile and a better appearance.

Social Benefits

Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Now, a million dollar smile may not be on top of many people’s priorities, but that’s not to say that it is not without its benefits. A much better looking smile helps improve your self-confidence and self-esteem significantly. This then makes it easier for you to go out, smile and socialize with other people.

Simply put, an improved smile helps you see the world in a different and much more positive light. Not only that, but because you have a reason to smile a lot more than before, you’ll project yourself as more approachable, affable and attractive.

By helping you become more confident about yourself and feel more attractive, you have a much better chance of living a better and more positive life.

Health Benefits

The word “cosmetic” always gives off the impression that the main, and only, beneficiary is one’s appearance and that it’s only done to improve one’s look. Though, as far as cosmetic dentistry goes, it’s not always just about esthetics, it’s also about improving your oral and overall health.

You surely want to have straight, better shaped, white teeth and once you have that, your teeth will only stay that way if you put an emphasis on sticking to a strict oral hygiene regimen. This includes brushing twice a day, flossing and rinsing with fluoride mouthwash preferably. Also, you’ll have to stay away from certain stain-causing food, such as coffee, tea and most especially, carbonated drinks or soft drinks. Certain habits should be avoided too, such as chewing on ice or other hard objects, smoking, frequent alcohol consumption and so on.

As a result of making the necessary lifestyle changes to make sure that your teeth remain perfect, your health too will improve significantly.

Not only that, but there are many other cases where cosmetic dentistry helps in improving the overall function your teeth.

For example, bonding can help strengthen worn-down teeth. Also, those with misaligned teeth or bites often develop worse dental problems that may result in painful areas outside of one’s teeth and this is something that cosmetic dentistry can help with.

Improved social confidence, better health and of course, the smile that you’ve always wanted, what more can you ask for?

Contact your dentist today and get to know just how cosmetic dentistry can help change your life for the better!

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