Can My Smile Be Saved? | Hoboken Dentist

Maintaining a healthy smile is rather easy, as long as you take the time to put in the work it takes to keep your mouth clean and bacteria-free. However, cosmetic issues are a different story and patients will wonder what types of options they’ll have when planning dental procedures. If a tooth has a very large area of decay, can it be saved? Unfortunately, we can diagnose you from a simple blog. The best answer to your questions will come from your dentist, and two likely options that will be presented are crowns and bridges.

Dental crowns are often chosen when the original tooth is compromised – either weakened from decay, broken, or otherwise unable to maintain itself without assistance. Dental crowns are custom-made shells that go on top of the rest of the tooth and molded to match your existing tooth and normal bite, but stronger.

Unlike dental crowns, dental bridges are used in cases where the underlying tooth can’t be saved. Like a crown, it will be designed by your dentist to match your existing teeth and bite, but is generally attached to neighboring teeth.

While crowns and bridges are typically only presented as options for patients with significant damage to one or more teeth, they are fairly common. Bridges and crowns are typically recommended as necessities, and as such, insurance will likely cover a portion of the cost. With proper care, bridges and crowns can last 5-15 years, or more, and will allow the patient to chew, drink and speak normally for many years.

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