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Diverse Children OutsideIt’s summertime and you know what that means…The kids are out of school, it’s incredibly hot, and everywhere you look, there is another summertime snack craze to try. It’s the three months of the year that is a parent’s roughest. Sugary sweets are running rampant and your children’s teeth are their most cherished victims. So how does one keep an eye on their little teeth during this sweetest of seasons? It may not be the easiest thing to do, but it can be done.

Firstly, you have to water your little humans. They all hate water, but it is the most important thing they can consume during the scorching summer heat. They will ask for soda or juice. Do your best to keep it to a minimum, like during a meal and must finish it in one sitting. If they can’t carry it around with them, sugary bacteria won’t have time to cling on to their teeth to cause cavities. Chewing also produces saliva, which is your mouth’s natural buddy against cavity-causing bacteria. Meals are actually a great time to indulge in a sweet treat. Another tip? Flavor up their water by adding different fruit combinations. Not only will it taste better, but it may also get the whole family into the habit of drinking it more often.

When it comes to their favorite sweet snacks, keep the same rule of thumb in mind. They don’t need a bag of candy they can snack on all day. Opt for a simple snack they have to eat at once, like a candy bar or an ice cream sandwich. When it comes to snacks, there are loads of options that not only taste yummy, but also help fight against cavity-causing bacteria. The act of chewing automatically produces saliva production, so having handy snacks like popcorn or pretzels are great options. Fruits and veggies with high water content, like apples and cucumber, are also great at keeping our mouth’s healthy. Protein is also excellent at getting rid of the acids in your mouth so pack all the turkey sandwiches, cheese & nuts you can eat. There are so many tasty options to divert their attention away from the junk food, at least for a moment. After all, they are still kids!

It all comes down to balance. You don’t want to deprive your family of the delicious foods only this season can offer. But you also don’t want to deal with a ton of dental bills in the autumn. So make sure you are trading some healthy options into your family’s summer snack wheel. You CAN have too much of a good thing. Take the time to read nutritional labels. Make sure what you’re giving your child isn’t a great idea, even for a treat. Moderation. And remember: Sugars deprive your body from its necessary hydration, so keep those sugary treats to a minimum. Enjoy your summer!

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Are You Ready for Dental Implants? | Hoboken Dentist

177257483A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants are an ideal option for people in good general oral health who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason. Natural-looking and feeling and under proper conditions, such as placement by diligent patient maintenance, implants can last a lifetime.

What do Dental Implants Do?

  • Replace one or more teeth
  • Support a bridge and reduce the need for a partial denture.
  • Provide support for a denture, making it more secure and comfortable.

Types of Implants

  • Endosteal (in the bone): Most commonly used type of implant. Screws, cylinders or blades are surgically placed into the jawbone.
  • Subperiosteal (on the bone): These are placed on top of the jaw with the metal framework’s

Esthetically dental implants look and feel like your own teeth. Since dental implants integrate into the structure of your bone, they prevent the bone loss and gum recession that often happen with bridgework and dentures. Neighboring teeth are not changed to support the implant as with a bridge. More of your own teeth are left untouched, a significant long-term benefit to your oral health.

Dental implants are secure. You don’t have to worry when speaking or eating. No messy pastes and glue. You will go about your daily routine with confidence and comfort. The success rate of dental implants is highly predictable. They are considered an excellent option for tooth replacement.

Ideally you need to be in good oral health and have adequate bone in your jaw to support the implant. In addition, you will need healthy gum tissue, free of periodontal disease.

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