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dental bondingSummertime is the ultimate time for active outdoor fun. Whether you are a nature lover or a sporty athlete, getting outside during these hot summer months is the best. The problem with being so physical is that there is a chance that you could accidentally chip your tooth. It’s something that happens to the best of us, but what do you do when it happens? Will your tooth ever be the same?

First thing’s first, get to a dentist. The sooner you get there, the better your odds are to fix your tooth. One of the more popular treatments for chipped or broken teeth is bonding. Your dental professional will repair your teeth by adding a compound that will adhere, or bond, to your tooth. Once bonded, your dentist will design and match your tooth’s natural color to blend in perfectly.

But before we learn about how it’s fixed, let’s break down what a tooth is. Our teeth are composed of two materials, enamel and dentin. Enamel is the outer shell of a tooth, what we all see when we open our mouths. Calcium crystals are densely packed together to become some of the strongest materials we have in our bodies. Dentin is what makes up the inside of our teeth. Made of collagen and calcium crystals, dentin is where our nerve transmitters are. Together, enamel and dentin construct the durable resilient things our teeth are.

So what kind of material can not only match our teeth’s strength, but also look great? The answer is composite resins. Plastic resin and silica filler joins together to create a replica to the material that makes up our teeth. Add in some porcelain and you have yourself a tooth that will rival your natural versions. Ceramics have been used in the dental world since the early 1900’s. as time went on, the compounds have changed to become stronger, more natural look and feel adhered to your mouth. Resin got its start in the 1970’s in order to secure crowns in a patient’s mouth. Over the next couple decades, resin has advanced so much that it can not only bond to the original tooth better, but can also be used to make bridges look and function just as the original teeth would.

So fear not if you happen to chip your tooth enjoying the warm weather summertime brings. Take your hikes, play your sports. Just be careful and make sure you have your dentist’s number handy. You never know when an accident will strike and saving that smile is a must.

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Are Dental Sealants Necessary For My Child’s Baby Teeth?

176641148Cavities are a serious issue. Not only can they cause pain, but if left unchecked, cavities can lead to worse dental problems, such as gum disease. Although much more common in adults, children too are susceptible to cavities.

Dentists know this, which is why they often recommend parents to opt to have dental sealants placed on the chewing surfaces of their child’s baby teeth. Namely, those of the premolars and molars.

It is, though, an optional treatment and as a parent, you’re left to ask, are dental sealants really necessary for my child’s baby teeth?

Why Dental Sealants Are A Good Idea 

The back teeth have depression and grooves to help make sure that they’re able to efficiently chew and grind most of the food that we eat. However, there’s a downside to these grooves, as they can be quite hard to clean. Not only that, but they’re also quite prone to trapping food and debris.

Even if you regularly brush and floss your teeth, the bristles may not be able to reach the trapped food in the crevices. This may result into plaque and bacteria buildup and eventually, decay and cavities.

Dental sealants, however, smooth out the chewing surfaces of the molars and premolars. This means that they no longer are prone to trapping food and debris, or at least, not any more than any other teeth in your mouth.

Of course, dental sealants do not last forever. They can last for as long as 10 years. Although, the dentist can choose to repair the sealant any time if he or she notices any chips or worn out areas.

Which Teeth Are Prime Candidates For Dental Sealants? 

Both baby and permanent tooth are prime candidates for dental sealants. Although, it’s often only recommended in teeth with deep pits or fissures, such as the molars and premolars, as they’re the ones most at risk for tooth decay.

It’s even more important more than those of an adult’s to have a child’s molars and premolars sealed. By sealing a child’s baby back teeth, they’re sure to last for as long as expected and hold the space up until the permanent teeth starts to erupt.

Ideally, permanent molars should be sealed as soon as they come in. This usually means around 6 years of age for the first set of permanent molars, and around 11 to 13 years old for the second set. Meanwhile sealing the premolars is situational, depending on whether the child’s premolars have deep grooves. The permanent set usually erupts and replace the baby premolars around the ages of 10 and 11.

Taking Proper Care Of Your Child’s Teeth 

Sealants may be a very important and effective preventative measure to make sure your child’s teeth are free from tooth decay and cavities, but sealants alone aren’t enough to fully protect your child’s teeth from all sorts of dental problems.

You have to make sure that your follow child’s a proper oral care routine at home. This should include brushing teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once. It’s also important that you limit your child’s consumption of sugary foods and drinks, as well as see the dentist regularly for checkups and professional cleanings.

Remember, you are your child’s first line of defense against cavities, tooth decay, gum disease and other oral complications.

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