Are Dental Veneers for You? | Hoboken Dentist

close up smile red lipstickIf your teeth aren’t all you want them to be and you’re looking for a cosmetic alternative to what  is just an ‘okay’ smile-think dental veneers! If you have chips, cracks, and gaps between your teeth? Yes, a great solution for those issues is dental veneers!

Veneers typically utilize porcelain, which is well tolerated by gum tissue, and provides a strong, natural looking surface that matches nearby teeth. However, patients considering veneers should consult their dentist to discuss the possible downsides, such as the fact that they are non-reversible, difficult to repair, and may not be a good choice for patients who have existing dental problems (such as decaying teeth, as the veneer will not solve the problem of decay, and may complicate fillings in the future).

Porcelain veneers are the perfect option to enhance your smile and improve any imperfections. Although not all individuals are good candidates for porcelain veneers.

Veneers are usually placed if patients have the following:

  • Good oral health
  • Health enamel
  • Commitment to oral care

Veneers are not recommend with the following:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Gum disease or Periodontal disease
  • Root canal infection
  • Consistently grind their teeth
  • Consistently clinch their jaw

Veneers won’t erase preexisting issues, therefore an exam is needed to determine if you are a good candidate for veneers. Only a professional can determine whether or not porcelain veneers are the best option to rejuvenate your smile.

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Damage Causing Energy Drinks | Hoboken Dentist

459953231Many young people love energy drinks. Either for the taste or the boost they give them for school, sports, etc. Over the last several years energy drinks are everywhere and are very popular with young people. But what a lot of young people and their parents may not be aware of is that energy drinks are causing irreversible damage to their teeth. Energy drink contain high amounts of acid that essentially rest upon our teeth and cause a multitude of irreversible damage.

We all know we shouldn’t drink sugary drinks frequently, but what about the acidity in them? It’s probably not something we think much about, but dentists say it’s high time we start, especially when it comes to the river of energy drinks we — and young people in particular — are consuming.

These high acidity levels found in energy drinks erode tooth enamel, the glossy outer layer of teeth. Damage to tooth enamel is irreversible, and without it, teeth become overly sensitive and are more likely to decay and develop cavities. Around 30 percent to 50 percent of U.S teenagers consumer energy drinks. Dentists all around are reaching out to their patients to limit their energy drink consumption, as the results may damage their oral health forever.

After consuming energy drinks, patients should wait about an hour before they brush their teeth; because during this time the enamel of your teeth is soft and susceptible to damage. If you do consume an energy drink it’s always a good idea to rinse your mouth with water afterwards while waiting for the opportunity to brush your teeth.

Always be aware that everything you eat or drink either has a positive or negative effect on your oral health. Good dental hygiene can help combat the things you eat and drink that are not good for you teeth and gums. This is includes, brushing twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash.

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