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Smile Designs

Consider the Possibilities of Smile Rejuvenation

An unattractive smile can hinder a persons social and or professional life. Modern technology makes it possible for everyone to have white, straight, youthful looking teeth and a bright smile! It's the teeth that make the biggest difference in a person's appearance.

Many people think that an up-to-date hairstyle, eliminating wrinkles, or fixing droopy eyelids are most important in creating a youthful appearance – but they are wrong.

Whenever you speak with someone they notice your teeth more than any other facial feature. It's not that they are intending to look, it's just what they notice first. Most people respond favourably to someone who looks them straight in the eye and gives them a big smile – and that smile tells the listener a lot. As we age our teeth become darker and worn at the edges. It's a natural process and cannot be avoided. In fact, older looking teeth comprise a very important part of an older face. The good news is, if you put younger, brighter teeth in that same face, then the viewer gets an entirely different impression.

Years ago, beautiful, white teeth were only for movie stars and beauty queens – but no longer! Today there are affordable, long-lasting solutions that produce dependable, great results. Modern dental technologies make it possible to deliver beautiful smiles that were not possible a few years ago. We routinely replace worn, darkened tooth enamel with white, bright, long-lasting materials that look better than the original in just a couple of visits! Procedures that once took many visits can now often be accomplished within a short time.

If you feel that you might want to renew your smile, ask us to show you what modern dental science can offer. We'll start by taking your picture and within a few days you'll receive photographs showing how you would appear with a new smile.

Once you decide that a rejuvenated smile is for you, we will be happy to discuss your situation in more detail. Don't wait to decide about getting that smile makeover. Give us a call, come in for your smile simulation and then talk with us – you'll love what you'll see!